In year 2k, my brother got himself a new PC. All I knew about it was that it had a shiney Celeron processor and he was very proud of it. He was also very possessive about his things, like all older siblings are. And I, being the nosey little sister I was, had to have a go at it.

One afternoon, when he was out of the house, I sneaked into his territory and  was delighted to find the PC being switched on. I really wanted to do something on it, but had no idea what could it do. I found a book of HTML, on his table, and within that day, I had build a single web page that said ‘Hello World!’ in different colors and font sizes.   I could design web pages for humble internet explorer 5 before I knew how to switch the PC on. And that started a whirlwind romance between me and website design that has only grown more intense with time.